The WORST Person To Play Against in Poker — Never Go Full Hardo Poker

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Here’s your life lesson for today, kids. Never Go Full Hardo, as you can spot from violations 1-100000000001 in this video. There’s no reason to go apeshit at your average poker table. None. Yet there’s ALWAYS that guy, without fail. This isn’t the WSOP. You don’t need the glasses. You don’t need to go in the tank for every simple decision. You may still want to go all-in without looking at your cards, but that’s on you. Other than that, it’s just pure, unadulterated shooting the shit and fun. Oh, and money. Money is funner than no money.

Otherwise, keep it civilized, people. That goes for coed intramural softball, coed football, coed dodgeball, and even beer pong, too. We’re living in a society. Somewhat. Let’s keep it kosher at the poker table. However, hardo or not, if you wanna come at the Lord Of The Deck, you best not miss.

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